Custom configuration file when using Kubernetes CRD

What happened?

We have Pomerium installed and running with the Kubernetes CRD. How can I provide a custom configuration file? There is no option to do it in Global Configuration | Pomerium

In particular I’m looking to add a domain to programmatic_redirect_domain_whitelist in order to enable programmatic tokens in my deployment.
That option does not have an ENV equivalent, so the only way to configure it is through a config file.

What did you expect to happen?

To have the ability to provide a custom configuration or a volume to the operator

What’s your environment like?

  • Pomerium version: pomerium/ingress-controller:sha-545afff
  • Server Operating System/Architecture/Cloud: Kubernetes on EKS

available in main, will be part of v0.22.0

kubectl apply -k\?ref=main

see programmaticRedirectDomains in the CRD

Thank you for the info!