Docker buildx build from pomerium image with --platform linux/amd64

I try to build a customized pomerium image.
In the Dockerfile, I base the image on

Build succeeds on for linux/arm64/v8.
Build fails for --platform linux/amd64 on local machine and in Google Cloud:


Step #5: ERROR: failed to solve: failed to resolve source metadata for failed to copy: httpReadSeeker: failed open: unexpected status code 500 Internal Server Error - Server message: unknown: unknown error
Finished Step #5
ERROR: build step 5 "" failed: step exited with non-zero status: 1

Seems it is trying to resolve, which yields

{"errors":[{"code":"UNKNOWN","message":"unknown error","detail":{"Op":"Get","URL":"","Err":{"code":"TOOMANYREQUESTS","message":"Too Many Requests (HAP429).\n"}}}]}

when opened in the browser.

Is linux/amd64 not available possibly?

changing to FROM pomerium/pomerium:latest fixed it.

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Hi ogreyard,

Great to hear you’ve been getting Pomerium working for you!

It sounds like you’re a power user - would you like to access Pomerium Zero beta? Would a web-based console for managing Pomerium be useful for you?