Machine to Machine communication with Auth0

What happened?

I have a use case in which I have a backend application that hits another backend application whose url is fronted by pomerium. I am using Auth0 as IdP here, how do we configure the auth both in auth0 and pomerium for this use case?

I am assuming we should use machine-to-machine communication application in auth0 as the app identity (clientid, client secret). But as far as I know ,pomerium will automatically redirect us to the login page of the IdP in which it cannot be done on backend apps.

see Service Accounts | Pomerium

Yes i have read it, and there is also another page about Service Account but i’m not sure is it available on Core (open-sourced) version / is it exclusively available for Enterprise Version?

Because it is stated that

A service account identity can either be based on a user entry in your IdP Directory, or exist as a custom identity managed in a Pomerium Console Namespace.

I assume that the latter part is the enterprise capabilities.
I want to achieve the former using Auth0 as IdP (not sure what the Directory part means) rather than using custom identity managed in pomerium console.

I think there is no guide for this?