Pomerium v0.16 is here!

Pomerium is announcing the v0.16 release! This is a big release, and includes several new features:

  • Kubernetes Ingress Controller: You can now dynamically provision routes from Ingress resources and set policy based on annotations for Kubernetes workflows.

  • Desktop App: Power users that need TCP-based services now have an easy-to-use VPN alternative. We’ve created a desktop application to support secure access to non-web traffic protocols such as RDP, SSH, MySQL, Postgres, REDIS, and more!

  • Device Identity: One of the core tenants of zero trust is to leverage device identity into policy decisions. Pomerium uses the open standard WebAuthn to bring device-aware policy evaluation into access decisions.

  • Pomerium Policy Language (PPL): You can now use a YAML-based notation for creating simple yet flexible authorization policies. It’s now possible to express policy for contextual factors like time-of-day, groups, users, device identity as well as details about the incoming request.

This release also includes other new features, general improvements, and bug fixes. A complete list can be found in the announcement post.