Programmatic Access: Not able to get login URL

What happened?

Attempted to follow Programmatic Access guide, but when I navigate to [https://]authenticate.corp.[domain].com/.pomerium/api/v1/login, I receive a “route unknown” error.

What did you expect to happen?

I expected Pomerium to return a login URL.

How’d it happen?

  1. Navigate to [https://]authenticate.corp.[domain].com/.pomerium/api/v1/login
  2. Received “route unknown” error

What’s your environment like?

Using the latest version of the all-in-one ingress-controller from the k8s quick-start.

Additional context

It’s unclear whether Programmatic access | Pomerium is an Enterprise-only feature or if it’s available in OSS?

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No, programmatic login is not an enterprise only feature.

One immediate observation from your report is that you’re supposed to call an actual route you’re trying to authenticate to, not the authenticate URL. Also it must carry a pomerium_redirect_uri query parameter, otherwise it’ll 404.