Notice of upcoming changes for Pomerium's Hosted Authenticate service

Pomerium is making changes to our Hosted Authenticate service, which will affect any existing Pomerium instances and users currently relying on the service.

This is a preliminary notice before the change is expected to go live, currently scheduled for June 12th next Wednesday.

What’s changing?

Pomerium is streamlining and unifying our Hosted Authenticate service for the upcoming launch of Pomerium Zero. This change enables existing users to use Pomerium Zero without needing to keep track of two separate accounts.

How will this affect me?

  • End users with username/password combinations will need to re-register their account by clicking the “Sign up” button in the new login page (as shown below)
  • Pomerium administrators may need to adjust policies

SSO (Github, Google) registered users do not need to re-register and can proceed as before.

What is Pomerium Zero?

Pomerium is currently beta testing Pomerium Zero, a managed version of Pomerium that brings together the best of both on-premise and hosted solutions! We wanted to offer easier management with a web GUI, intuitive API, and tools for administering at scale while retaining the fast speed and data privacy you’ve come to associate with Pomerium.

I have questions, concerns, or need help

We’re happy to answer any questions or help you with your Pomerium deployments! Please make a thread detailing your issue and we’ll respond to it as soon as possible!