Other Applications behind Pomerium

What happened?

I came accross Pomerium and found it really interessting. I am thinking of using it to get the user authentification under the same easy roof.

Now I am not sure what Pomerium is truly capable of. I want to use different services that are not natively supported by Pomerium (e.g. Gitea, Outline (Wiki), Jenkins or TeamCity, etc). How does the authentification work for them? Do I need to log into them seperatly or does Pomerium support these applications to (Maybe some software or protocol I am not aware of) and what does the software I want to use bring to allow the usage of Pomerium.

Thanks for reading

Pomerium may send an identity assertion token to an upstream application that may be understood by some applications, i.e. check out the Grafana guide

Many apps support this method of authentication, i.e. for Jenkins, you probably should be able to use this plugin.